Rent This “Heaven & Earth” Airbnb in Melbourne, Australia


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If you’re looking to escape from your everyday life, it’s hard to imagine anything more relaxing than hanging out in a tropical forest during the day and falling asleep on a pile of clouds at night. And while that scenario sounds like something that only exists in the realm of fantasy, it’s exactly what you can experience at “Heaven & Earth”—a dreamy Airbnb in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.


At first glance, it’s obvious that this cozy apartment is pure bliss for plant lovers. The entire living room gives off major fairytale vibes with verdant wallpaper and curtains, ivy creeping up the walls, and potted trees with twinkling lights. There are even clever details like tree-trunk stools at the dining room table and pillows shaped like logs, plus a hanging chair that we can already imagine curling up in with a good book.

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The color scheme continues into the kitchen and bathroom, albeit with a bit more subtlety. There may not be greenery covering every single square inch of these rooms, but there are still some plant babies and splatterings of ivy (not to mention a vertical garden in the bathroom) to keep things lovely.


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And that brings us to the bedroom, aka the “heaven” portion of our tour. The king-size room is fluffiness personified, with cloud wallpaper, cloud ceiling lights and lamps, and comfy white pillows and blankets on the bed. Even the nightstand is covered in white faux fur, because apparently heaven has absolutely no hard surfaces.

With such fantastical decor, it’s hard to believe this apartment is located in Melbourne’s busy central business district (CBD)—but indeed, you can reach tons of popular restaurants and attractions on foot. (Alternatively: “If you’re feeling lazy, the tram stop is literally at the doorstep of the apartment,” writes the hosts on the listing page.)


Heaven & Earth is available for two guests, and is currently listed at $158 per night. There are more than 500 positive reviews, with past guests describing it as “clean and magical,” “just as beautiful as the pictures,” and “an absolute dream come true.”

If this particular apartment isn’t available during your travel dates, be sure to check out the hosts’ other themed Melbourne listings: Ice & Snow, a veritable winter wonderland; and Secret Garden, a studio apartment covered in flowers.

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