Outrage over gross Melbourne Airport ‘parents’ room bathroom photo

A photo of a “parents” room at Melbourne Airport has sparked outrage – and even the airport has publicly agreed it is “terrible”.

A photo of a “gross” red chair in a “parents” room at Melbourne Airport has sparked outrage.

Australian parenting author Kaz Cooke took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a snap of the leather chair noting how unpractical it is for mums trying to breastfeed.

The chair, placed inside a bathroom, was strapped up with red tape on the right arm rest with the room lacking in supporting amenities.

“This is the chair presumably provided for feeding a baby in a ‘parents’ room at Melbourne Airport,” Kaz captioned the image.

“No shelves or hooks for baby bag or handbag, no way to set water down within reach, no protection from toilet aerosols or even a seat to lower.

“Please do way better,” she concluded, tagging Melbourne Airport.

Melbourne Airport was quick to jump in the comments section thanking Kaz for her feedback and surprisingly agreed on the “terrible” state of the room.

“You’re right in that the state of our amenities have been terrible, which is why we’ve been upgrading them across our terminals over the past two years,” they wrote.

“To date, we’ve opened 12 new amenities, including parents’ amenities in both Terminals 1 and 3.

“We have two more coming online in Terminal 4 this August.”

Kaz, who is best known for her pregnancy guide Up the Duff, wasn’t the only one outraged by the room.

Her post prompted others to come forward and share their experiences.

“I’ve pumped in this room! It was absolutely disgusting. I complained … three years ago,” one woman wrote.

“Pretty sure that chair was there back when I was breastfeeding. Last kid weaned 7 years ago, so apart from the fact that it’s in a sh*tty location, literally, it’s *well* past its use-by date,” another mum wrote. “This attempt needs more than a bit of duct tape to be fixed up.”

Others pointed out the airport had much better parenting rooms than the one in the photo.

“There’s an outstanding parents room near Boost Juice in T3. Privacy booths for feeding, a toilet cubicle big enough for a pram, filtered water, heating facilities etc. Honestly I’d have another baby just to keep using it,” one woman said.

Some wondered if the parent’s room was in fact meant for something else.

“Is that a disability toilet which has become baby room? If so, where do people with disabilities relieve themselves?” one Twitter used asked.

In the comments section, Melbourne Airport explained it will have more than 60 amenities in the precinct.

“It’s a big job, but we’re well on our way,” they wrote.

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