Melbourne’s 20 Most Clicked-On Restaurants of 2022 So Far

There’s always something to eat in Melbourne, no matter what you’re craving. Hankering for a burger? Extravagant multi-course omakase? Quality lunchbreak eats in the CBD? Basque-inspired seafood and sangria by the bay? Whichever fits, this city of ours has just what you’re looking for.

And in 2022 so far, you have been looking. So, with the year at its halfway point, these are the results. Our most-viewed restaurants of the past six months provide a snapshot of your recent faves and a roadmap of places to visit — either for the first time or the sixth.

Use this list as a look back on some of your favourite eats from 2022 — and as a guide to planning the rest of your meals before 2023 hits.

Top Image: Nomad Melbourne, by Sharyn Cairns

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