Melbourne teenager Gabby Kanizay becomes youngest Australian to climb Everest

He wept “tears of joy” when he spoke with his wife and daughter after they completed the remarkable feat.

“We all share in that success and we’re all blessed that it happened,” he said.

Gabby Kanizay also climbed Lhotse, the fourth-highest peak the day after ascending Everest.

“I don’t know what drives her.”

As the faster climber, Gabby set out a few hours later on Friday evening than her mother so they could make it to the top at the same time.


They arrived about 4.30am and were able to watch the sunrise together.

“I wasn’t expecting or prepared to be at the summit with mum,” she told the ABC.

“We’d kind of convinced ourselves that it just wasn’t possible.”

After descending from Everest, Gabby wasn’t finished. The day after she went and climbed neighbouring mountain Lhotse – the world’s fourth-highest peak at 8516 metres.

“It’s right there. Why not?” she said.

After finishing year 12, Gabby will now take a gap year to travel in Europe before beginning her university studies, her father said.

Brighton teenager, 19, Gabby Kanizay is the youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest.

“You don’t know what she’s going to conjure up next,” he said. “But it’s not all work – she’s just like every other teenager as well, enjoying being social and vegging in front of Netflix while eating crappy food.”

As for what’s next, there is talk about climbing the Seven Summits – the highest peaks on each continent – along with family members.

“We’ve spoken about running over the Sahara, kayaking Tasmania,” said Jarrod Kanizay.

“Who knows what she does next, I don’t think she’s finished.”

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