Melbourne McDonald’s video shows inconsiderable, disgusting state of store

A video of a McDonald’s in Melbourne has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, with the state of the store described as “disgusting”.

A video of a McDonald’s in Melbourne has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The clip, which was shared on TikTok, showed the fast-food restaurant littered with rubbish both on the floor and on tables.

Garbage included food wrappers, half-eaten burgers, scattered fries and discarded drinks.

The footage appeared to be taken at night with many commenting the city Macca’s store in question, allegedly on Elizabeth Street, is “always like that”.

“If this was a Friday or Saturday it’s normal since it’s a CBD Macca’s near all the clubs,” one TikTok user wrote.

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Others were shocked that customers continued to sit and eat despite the mess.

“Everybody sitting around like it’s normal …. that’s normal for y’all?” one person wrote.

“How are they just casually eating there,” another person asked.

“That is absolutely disgusting; how can they eat with that mess? I mean at this point they might as well eat in a dumpster bin,” a third person added.

Some couldn’t understand why customers didn’t put their rubbish in the bins provided, to which the TikTok user who shared the clip responded the “bins were overfilled”.

“Oh nah that’s feral as f**k, think bout’ the poor f***er that’s gotta clean that up,” another person commented.

“After I started working at fast food I realised how grotty people are. They just leave their rubbish everywhere even though there’s a bin right next to them,” one person added.

Some commenters tried to provide an explanation for why the restaurant would be that messy.

“The manager probably tolerates it for the amount of business they’re getting,” one person suggested.

“If it’s after midnight, the employees might be told to just leave it as it’s a health and safety issue,” said another.

The clip prompted some Sydneysiders to unleash on the state of the George St store in the CBD, which is also near clubs.

“Have you not seen Macca’s down the road from Ivy nightclub Sydney? Not much difference at 3am Saturday morning,” one person wrote. has contacted McDonald’s Australia for comment.

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