Melbourne man wins Oz Lotto prize 20 times larger than he thought

A Victorian man who thought he’d won a $1 million lottery prize received the shock of his life when officials called him.

The Melbourne local was elated to find out he was a division one winner following Tuesday night’s Oz Lotto draw.

What the winner had failed to realise when he went to bed was that he had actually pocketed 20 times more than the amount he had assumed.

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“I counted all the numbers and realised I’d won. I thought, ‘Is this true? No way,” he told an official from The Lott who reached out on Wednesday morning.

“But I thought I’d won $1 million, not $20 million. I assumed multiple people won the prize, not just me.

The Tullamarine received the shock of his life when lottery officials called. Credit: The Lott

The winner said his massive windfall “feels like a dream”.

“I never thought I’d become an overnight multi-millionaire. It’s so much money. This is very overwhelming,” he told the official.

“I’m still renting, so I’ll use the prize to buy myself a house. I also want to help my family and travel around the country.

“God bless you, dear. This is amazing. Now I can live my life to the fullest.”

The winning ticket was purchased at the Tullamarine Authorised Newsagency.

The winning numbers were 4, 22, 30, 17, 5, 45, 34 and supplementary numbers 31 and 44.

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