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Melbourne’s Prince Hotel, an established LGBTQIA-friendly property, has partnered with local sexual wellness brand LBDO to offer a unique winter package – the Feel Good offer. 

The sexy staycation offer includes a luxurious LBDO product bundle designed to help sparks fly, as well as an aphrodisiac-forward in room dining menu featuring oysters, chocolate et al. 

The hotel hijinks aren’t limited to just the rooms – the special menu is also available at the restaurant, Prince Dining Room, and sexual wellness workshops to be offered in the underground cellar of the wine bar. Plus product discounts will be offered at various touchpoints throughout the hotel.

LBDO founder Rachel Baker said: “We want to open up the conversations around sexual wellness and put pleasure first.

“That’s why we were so excited to be working with The Prince – a brand that really does live and breathe its values surrounding connection with their community and putting guest experience first.” 

The St Kilda property isn’t the first Australian hotel to roll out a sex-focused collab – earlier this year, the W Brisbane partnered with sexual happiness brand Lovehoney for a Valentine’s Day focused couple’s retreat package that included sex toys, lingerie, sexologist access on tap, special playlists and more. 

Sexual wellness is one of the fastest growing sectors of the travel market, with the global wellness tourism industry set to hit the $1.3 trillion mark by 2025, according to the Global Wellness Institute. 

According to Ryan Hospitality Group Executive Director, Andy Ryan, “Post pandemic, 2022 has been all about re-invention in the hospitality world in a completely experiential way. Consumers have changed and priorities have shifted. There’s a new-found demand for experience-led stays, unique activations and unexpected partnerships. The Prince is focused on exceeding these demands, combined with a consistency in our commitment to our community, which is why this partnership makes so much sense. We want to help amplify LBDO’s mission of redefining what ‘pleasure’ looks like.”

Clearly, with the conversation around sexual wellbeing becoming increasingly normalised, the intersection of intimacy and travel is evolving from kinky sex retreats of the past towards a more positive, healthy direction. 

The Prince Hotel  Feel Good stay is available until the end of September with prices starting at $405 per night. 

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