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Botswana Butchery has long been known as a stalwart for steak since opening in New Zealand. The two locales—Auckland and Queenstown—both ticked off institution status well before they opened in Sydney late last year, and now, the refined diner is taking on Melbourne with a hefty three-storey, 300 seater, 920sqm venue.

Among several notable names heading up the venue is Culinary Director Angel Fernandez who’s just finished up a stint in the same role at New York’s revered and awarded Dante. And with that in mind, you’d be right in assuming the menu is dialled.

First up is the Butcher’s Block, a menu within a menu—and arguably Botswana Butchery’s showpiece—that features a selection of specialty cuts from around Australia. Household names (for anyone who likes their steak) all make an appearance; expect the likes of Cape Grim’s grass-fed selects sitting comfortably next to cuts from Blackmores, CopperTree Farms along with a 1.6kg Tomohawk from Ranger’s Valley that truly is a spectacle in itself. 

Pinpointing a main event here is near impossible given the grandiose of what’s on offer, though a dish that can’t be overlooked is the Roaring Forties slow-cooked lamb shoulder. A go-to for any Botswana Butchery frequenters across their locales and so tender, it’s served with a spoon and fork.

For those who prefer to ease into it, the three-level charmer comes standard with a woodfired grill, and raw and cured bar dishing up a damn fine seafood selection alongside Botswana Butchery’s signature charcuterie—don’t miss the olive mortadella. 

On the booze front, plonk is front and center thanks to head sommelier Piers Haszard, who’s curated a 1000+ strong wine list, much of which is on display in the main dining space, which leans on Victorian and New Zealand producers.

Botswana Butchery has once again called on designer Charlotte Spary for the interiors, where you’ll find that classic opulence akin to their other locales with a splash of ‘Melbourne’ around the grounds, too. You won’t go wrong regardless of which level you choose to dine on, though those who ask (nicely) will relish in CBD views from the Flinders Lane-adjacent terraces.

Botswana Butchery is taking bookings for Friday 20 May onwards. Lock in one of 300 seats at the table here.

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