Annie And Lena Review @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022

Sketch duo and best of friends Annie and Lena have great stage presence, confident delivery, and excellent timing in this well-crafted hour of sketches, songs, and improv.

Setting the stage, literally, with a stage filled with boxes, this cheap (their words!) but efficient set acts as a basis for their show; they’re moving house and going through the motions which provides an excellent foundation for several of their sketches. But that’s not the only place this show will take you; you’ll travel to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (over several years), a game show set and, maybe less excitingly. . . A kitchen, but no matter where Annie and Lena take you, they provide laughs along the way.

Incredibly relatable to anyone who has been a 30-ish-year-old woman, or for that matter, just met a 30ish-year-old woman, the sketches and songs are silly takes on who we are and how we navigate the world. This show requires high-energy delivery to truly connect with a crowd, and while the mid-Easter weekend performance does feel a little lacklustre, the clever writing and well-constructed scenarios help to keep the show afloat.

Both performers easily win the audience over early on, which allows them space to share some truly wild personal memories which we are asked to deem as either ‘funny’ or ‘depressing’ – an interactive moment that allows them to both show off their witty responses and quality crowd work skills.

This is a fun, upbeat hour, with just a gentle little full-circle moment, enough to make it feel like the show gives you a mildly profound payoff without forcing a message into your overflowing mind. A relatable little break from the real world, Annie and Lena provide a fun take on some otherwise mundane day-to-day situations in a totally charming, well-put-together show.

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